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Aluminium Vapor Barrier Ceramic Fiber Blanket



DAYAWOOL flexible fire-proof coil clad metal ventilation duct system has passed the national GB/T17428-2009 "Ventilation Duct Fire Resistance Test Method", which can meet the requirements of 60 minutes of fire resistance performance (integrity and heat insulation), meet the design requirements of building smoke prevention and exhaust system, and can isolate the heat transfer of fire smoke through the pipe wall.  Eliminate smoke and heat in fire, ensure evacuation and fire rescue.  This lightweight, ultra-thin and compact structure system is a breakthrough and innovative solution to replace the traditional rigid fireproof wrap structure system (fireproof board + rock wool) for air ducts.  The core material is ceramic fiber blanket, a high temperature insulation material made of Al2O3 Si02, which can provide good thermal insulation performance for a long time below 1260℃.  Surface encapsulation flame retardant square bar composite aluminum foil material, tear resistance, high temperature resistance, moisture-proof and waterproof.

Product Feature

Fire resistant wrapping system for light air duct.

Flexible material can effectively cope with small space and complex pipeline layout.

Simple and fast installation, reduce the intensity of installation personnel.

Easy to cut .

Fire resistance up to 60 min  .

The thickness of the package is as low as 12.5mm  

Excellent sound insulation and vibration absorption performance

Product Application

By attaching DAYAWOOL flexible fireproof coils to the surface of steel plate air ducts, the fire rated limit of up to 1 hour is typically used for smoke exhaust ducts, hazardous exhaust, chemical fumes, pressurization in parking garages, stairwells and front rooms, ventilation, high temperature exhaust of equipment, and waste and chemical treatment exhaust.

Construction Scheme

* Air duct width ≤600mm, fixed by steel belt or heat insulation welding nail;  

* Air duct width >600mm,≤1200mm is fixed by steel belt and the composite method of heat insulation welding nail at the bottom;  

* Air duct width > 1200m, air duct four sides are fixed by heat insulation welding nail;


1: Aluminium Vapor Barrier Ceramic Fiber Blanket

2: heat insulation welding nail

3: Metal duct

4: Steel belt, L-lock fastener

5: Vertical splicing, flame retardant aluminum foil tape bonding

6: Horizontal splicing, flame retardant aluminum foil tape bonding


Woven bag packing

Carton packing

Pallet packing

Maintenance and Repair

There is no need for routine maintenance after proper installation of the building air duct refractory wrapping system according to the installation instructions.  

DAYAWOOL flame retardant self-adhesive aluminum foil tape can be used to repair damage to the surface aluminum foil during installation or use.  If the damaged area exceeds 200 x 200 mm, remove the damaged blanket and reinstall it according to the installation instructions.  

If the damaged area is less than 200x 200mm, cut out the damaged area and repair it with a new roll blanket.  All cutting edges must be sealed with aluminum foil tape.  Repair parts must be secured in place with steel bands or welding nails according to installation instructions.


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